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"At last, brothers, we have been awakened by our father.
At last, we have been called to carry out his will.
At last, our conquest shall begin!
— Zorrakh, Genesis

Kraata Nui
Class Kraata-Za Nui
Powers Fear, Shape-Shifting
Status Alive
Location Marak Nui
Pronunciation ZOHR-rack

Matoran Horrakah
Class Za-Matoran
Occupation Unknown
Powers Limited Fear, Shape-Shifting
Mask Powerless Black Noble Kanohi Ruru, Mask of Night Vision
Tools Unknown

Toa Zorrakh
Toa Horrakah
Title Toa Horrakah of Fear
Powers Fear, Shadow, Shape-Shifting
Mask Black Great Kanohi Krataka, Mask of Infection
Tools Zagranok

Turaga Horrakah
Powers Limited Fear, Shape-Shifting
Mask Black Noble Kanohi Unknown, Mask of Unknown
Tools Unknown

Zorrakh is the Toa Horrakah of Fear on the Isle of Marak Nui.



Abilities & TraitsEdit

Mask & ToolsEdit



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