Circle Logo Zahaku Small


Shadow Warrior
Title Shadows of the Sword Operative
Powers Shadow, Silence, Teleportation
Tools ProtoSteel Naginata, Claws, Shield
Status Alive
Location Hytrax
Pronunciation ZEHR-ahk

Title Rakilian Sentinel
Powers Silence
Tools Rakile Battle Armour

Zerahk is a Rakile who served as a test subject during Ferofax's Project: Shadow Warrior.


Early Life

Zerahk was abducted by Makuta Ferofax and Makuta Desiron at one point in his life and was convinced to take part in Project: Shadow Warrior. The two Makuta, along with Makuta Steeliroc, hosted several experiments on him and then trained him to use his powers alongside Makuta Antroz. Zerahk became quite powerful and attempted to persuade the Makuta that the Rakile would make the perfect warriors for the Brotherhood of Makuta.

The Light in the Shadows

Desiron and Steeliroc however, decided to host a few more experiments on Zerahk, which resulted in a multiple personality disorder. Zerahk then killed Desiron before fleeing by teleporting. He found himself in the base of the Shadows of the Sword and was forced to join the sinister organization.

Tamek took Zerahk on a routine evaluation mission, to track a group of mercenaries and eliminate the leader so they would not be a problem for an incoming team of "Shadow Assassins." However, Zerahk's other side came through and he murdered every member of the mercenary group.

Abilities & Traits

Zerahk as a Rakile had limited powers of Silence, being able to form fields that sound could not enter or escape from.

Zerahk suffered from multiple personalities that occured after Makuta Steeliroc attempted to turn him into a mindless slave. Zerahk is constantly in conflict with an insane power hungry version of himself that he refers to as his 'other' but it appears there are many different personalities that the 'other' keeps in check as it attempts to control the body of Zerahk.


Zerahk wields a ProtoSteel Naginata and Shield as his primary tools, though he is proficient in using his claws in combat as well.



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