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Toa Harvask
Title Toa Harvask of Weather
Mask Black & Bright Light Orange Great Kanohi Garai, Mask of Gravity
Tools Storm Staff
Status Alive
Location Harvask
Pronunciation ZEE-ruh

Class Hu-Matoran
Occupation Sentry
Mask Powerless Black & Bright Light Orange Great Kanohi Garai, Mask of Gravity

Zeerah a Toa of Weather and the leader of the Toa Harvask.


Tipping the ScalesEdit

Zeerah trained the four new Toa alongside Klasia.

Chronicles of HarvaskEdit

When the Toa Harvask, aside from Gorq-um and Klasia, met to regroup just outside of He-krae, Firum, the Toa Harvask of Air insulted Zeerah, resulting in a minor confrontation. Zeerah responded by wrenching open the thick cloud cover over the city, suddenly basking an unsuspecting Firum in the intense heat of the midday sun. Firum faltered but still managed a gale-force wind, which knocked Zeerah unconscious.

Zeerah awoke in a Wha-Matoran's hut and was administered a medicine that had the obscure side-effect of drawing much of the water from his body during the next use of his Kanohi Garai. This resulted in a dramatic change of tone for his armoring, however the Toa of Weather enjoyed his new color scheme.

Later, Zeerah stops Ve-karn, the Toa Harvask of Fear from scarring Firum with a mental illusion. Shortly after the three made up, the city is attacked by a Menoka Dragon that was accidentally awakened on the nearby Isle of Po-rakio by two other Toa Harvask, Borik and Shem-shu. After a short battle the Rahi is subdued by the combined efforts of the three Toa and they are joined by the other two.

The reunited team then treks off to Onu-makas to resolve a trade conflict. Zeerah shows, at this time, a soft spot for the lives of the Matoran. Dek-kep, the Chief Prospector and Mining Captain of the Onu-makas Mines, shows the team to a large, circular chamber lined with jewels, claiming that with the gems, they can afford better stone than the high-quality Po-rakio stones. Upon leaving, Zeerah forms a storm within the room, revealing upon closer inspection, that the jewels are in fact fake.

Abilities & TraitsEdit

Mask & ToolsEdit



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