Circle Logo Zee Small


Class De-Matoran
Occupation Munitions Manufacturer
Mask Powerless Silver Great Kanohi Miru, Mask of Levitation
Status Alive
Location La Nui
Pronunciation ZEE

Zee is a Matoran of Sonics on the Isle of La Nui.


The OutbreakEdit

During the outbreak, Zee was a De-Matoran working a rather dull job as a Munitions Manufacturer. At the time the outbreak started, Zee was fortunately in Ha-Lauka visiting his friend Mag. As De-Lauka was ordered into quarantine, Zee watched a News Screen situated in Mag's sitting room. As the news was broadcast, a Heavy Bomber flew over the once proud city and dropped a load of bombs that lit De-Lauka ablaze. After this, Zee traveled with Mag to find Rikalia in the coastal town of Hi-Lauka.

Abilities & TraitsEdit



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