"His few attempts before at using it had convinced him its power was to summon creatures to his side.
But so far, each thing summoned had been worse or more bizarre than the last.
— Narrator, Prisoners of the Pit

Set Kanohi Zatth
Title Mask of Summoning
Powers Summons Random Rahi
Disk(s) Unknown
User(s) Aethif (Formerly), Åusår, Jätello (Formerly), Kongu, Orzink (Formerly), Sirof,
Thorx (Formerly)
Pronunciation ZAHTHH

The Kanohi Zatth is the Mask of Summoning. It allows its' user to summon one or more random Rahi or Creatures to their location for help. However, the user has no control over what beasts will be called, nor control of them once they arrive. The creature summoned must be able to share the user's environment. Additionally, the user cannot use a Kanohi Zatth to send beasts away.

Example UsageEdit

Zatth in use

A Great Kanohi Zatth in action.

Kongu used his Kanohi Zatth to summon an ancient creature in Prisoners of the Pit.







Picture Description
Set Kanohi Zatth A normal Great Kanohi Zatth
Zatth Kongu's Great Kanohi Zatth, altered by the Kanohi Ignika.

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