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Toa Warhaka
Toa Horrakah
Title Toa Horrakah of Ice
Powers Earth, Ice
Mask Black & Bright Light Orange Great Kanohi Garai, Mask of Gravity
Tools Chain
Status Alive
Location Marak Nui
Pronunciation WOHR-hack-uh

Class Ko-Matoran
Occupation Mountain Climber
Mask Powerless Black & Bright Light Orange Great Kanohi Garai, Mask of Gravity

Warhaka was once a Ko-Matoran who was transformed into the Toa Horrakah of Ice on the Isle of Marak Nui.


Matoran LifeEdit


Abilities & TraitsEdit

Warhaka possesses the ability to control both the elements of Ice and Earth, although it is unknown how he is able to control the latter.

Many would call Warhaka "cross-wired" because he is sadistic to the extreme, sometimes inflicting pain on himself when he is alone. He is the most mentally unstable of the Toa Horrakah, however this is not always readily apparent, as he seems almost like a statue among other beings. His main task is torturing captives of the Toa Horrakah, going to great lengths to keep his victims alive while dealing out the unimaginable doses of pain and agony. He does not speak often, if at all, except when he is interrogating a captive.

Mask & ToolsEdit

Warhaka wears a Kanohi Garai, Mask of Gravity, which he mainly utilizes during his torture sessions.



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