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Sharaku Vukaz
Powers Force Fields, Water
Tools Unknown
Status Alive
Location Terra Nui
Pronunciation VOO-kahz

Torika Vukaz
Class Ga-Torika
Occupation Veirmoc's Servant
Powers Force Fields, Water

Vukaz is the Terra Nui Sharaku of Water defending the Matoran on the Isle of Terra Nui.


Unlike Kavan, Vukaz has a more realistic view of life.

The Power WithinEdit

Constantly tormented by Veirmoc, Vukaz became very unhappy and brooding.

The Strength UnboundEdit

Once Vukaz was freed from bondage to the Sharaku of The Dark Lord's Team, his temperament improved substantially.

The Balance RebornEdit

Abilities & TraitsEdit

Vukaz has a great sense of balance and is great at dodging things as a result of Viermoc having used him as a boomerang practice target.




See AlsoEdit

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