"He could fade into the background and make virtually no noise as he swam."
— Narrator, Prisoners of the Pit

Mazeka's Kanohi Volitak
Title Mask of Stealth
Powers Invisibility and Silence
Disk(s) Unknown
User(s) Chiara, Conlak (Formerly), Dotå, Gorq-um, Javel,
Meterax, Nidhiki (Formerly), Nuparu, Sephra,
Turax (Formerly)
Pronunciation vohl-ih-TACK

The Kanohi Volitak is the Mask of Stealth. It allows its' user the ability to become mostly transparent and completely silent. However, they will still cast a shadow. The only masks which will see through its' usage are Kanohi Elda, Kanohi Arthron, and Kanohi Rode.

Example Usage

Nuparu used his Kanohi Volitak to sneak out of the cave he was forced into by the Barraki in Prisoners of the Pit.







Picture Description
Mazeka Volitak A normal Great Kanohi Volitak
Volitak Nuparu's Great Kanohi Volitak, altered by the Kanohi Ignika.

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