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Sharaku Veirmoc
Powers Limited Invulnerability
Tools Twin Boomerangs
Status Deceased
Pronunciation VEYR-mahk

Class Ne-Torika
Occupation Unknown
Powers Brief Invulnerability

Veirmoc was the youngest Sharaku on the team and as a result was proud, vain, and a bit narcissistic. He was constantly practicing at throwing his weapons, often at Vukaz, and fighting. Besides acting cruel to the Torika, Veirmoc tried fruitlessly to get the attention of Tharaka, much to her annoyance.


Veirmoc was discovered by "The Dark Lord" to have powerful abilities as a Torika while still on the Isle of Shakaz and was thus transformed into a Sharaku as a result.

Nothing PersonalEdit

The Power WithinEdit

In the year 5,400 A.G.C., Veirmoc traveled to Terra Nui along with his master, six other Sharaku, and six Torika, including his servant, Vukaz.

Veirmoc was killed by "Darkness", "Shadow", and "Monster" during the Battle of Terra Nui.

Abilities & TraitsEdit

Veirmoc had powers of temporary invulnerability and was a crack shot.


Veirmoc's weapons of choice were twin boomerangs.



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