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Toa Harvask
Title Toa Harvask of Fear
Mask Black & Dark Red Great Kanohi Jutlin, Mask of Corruption
Tools Halberd, Scimitar, Wings
Status Alive
Location Harvask
Pronunciation VEY-KAHRN

Class Za-Matoran
Occupation Nomad
Mask Powerless Black & Dark Red Great Kanohi Jutlin, Mask of Corruption

Ve-karn is the Toa Harvask of Fear.


Tipping the ScalesEdit

Ve-karn was given a Toa Stone by Turaga Bekesh Thurom and while training with Zeerah, he developed amazing hand-to-hand combat skills.

Chronicles of HarvaskEdit

Ve-karn loathes Firum, the team's Toa of Air, whom he confronted just before the team battled a fierce Menoka Dragon in He-krae. Later, the two warmed up to each other, especially after Ve-karn admitted his fear of the species "Gshmaas". When confronted with one, his fears only heightened when he realizes that the "Gshmaas" were actually specialized Nuvarians. Ve-karn and the other male Toa Harvask faced two of these monstrosities, only to have one of the Nuvarians kill the very Turaga that the Toa Harvask were wishing to speak with about a dispute.

Abilities & TraitsEdit

Mask & ToolsEdit



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