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"Suddenly the Toa’s Kanohi began to glow and a projectile burst forth from it and flew
a short distance across the room. Then it paused in midair and began to rebound back at the Toa.
— Narrator, The Few Deaths of Makuta Montrox

Kanohi Turapa
Title Mask of Rebounding
Powers Projectile Reflection
Disk(s) Unknown
User(s) Smehi, Unemi
Pronunciation too-RAAP-uh

The Kanohi Turapa is the Mask of Rebounding. It grants the user the ability to fire a non-explosive and non-fragmenting ProtoSteel projectile at a target and the projectile will return to the user.

Example UsageEdit

In The Few Deaths of Makuta Montrox, a Toa formed by a merged pair of Matoran following their unintentional use of a Duos Stone, used his Kanohi Great Turapa to accidentally kill Makuta Montrox.







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