"At his feet the Kanohi mask and armor began to move, slowly coming together.
What had been a pile of junk a moment before now had taken on a form. Other pieces
of armor were rising up through the layers of mud, struggling to rejoin the rest. It somehow
managed to be amazing and sickening at the same time. Slowly the body that once belonged
to Toa Tuyet rose from the floor of ‘The Pit’ and stood unsteadily waiting for commands.
— Narrator, Into the Darkness

Title Mask of Reanimation
Powers Controlling Deceased Beings
Disk(s) Unknown
User(s) Burdok, Lletya, Matoro (Formerly), Steeliroc, Thete, Ysiel
Pronunciation TRIGH-nuh

The Kanohi Tryna is the Mask of Reanimation. It allows its' user to give artificial life to and control dead bodies for as long as they maintain concentration. The amount of concentration required to keep the corpses animated increases with the number of corpses controlled.

Example Usage

Makuta Teridax blackmailed Matoro into using his Kanohi Tryna to reanimate the corpse of Toa Mangai Tuyet in Into the Darkness.







  • A Toa wouldn't typically wear this Kanohi, as they consider its' power to be immoral. However, the Kanohi Ignika gave Matoro this mask as a test of his character.
  • If an Iden-user inhabits a corpse and a Tryna-user reanimates it, the two can work together to imitate the deceased being.

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