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Trinity Isles

Island Trinity Isles
Location Info
Residents Matoran, Various Rahi
Population Unknown
Position Southeast Marak Nui
Pronunciation TRINN-ih-tee AHYLS

The Trinity Isles are tertiary landmasses located within the Dome of Marak Nui.



Island Trinity Isles Eastern Isle Coast

Northern Coast of the Eastern Trinity Isle.

Trinity Isle East Isle Coast, Location and Text

Southern Coast of the Eastern Trinity Isle.

The three islands vary greatly in size, shape, and landscape.

The northernmost Trinity Isle is hardly considered an island at all, but is nevertheless treated as such by the inhabitants of Marak Nui. It could easily be described as a large sand bar, as that is all that the isle consists of.

The easternmost Trinity Isle is barren of all vegetation and is a mass of stone and earth with a fine layer of mist surrounding the shoreline. Hills of solid rock dominate the isle and some of these hills have entrances to a network of caverns and tunnels.

In a sharp contrast to the other two islands, the westernmost Trinity Isle is filled to the brim with plant life, mainly trees of extraordinary size, many of which can be seen from the shoreline of the Isle of Marak Nui. Moss covers the relatively flat ground where the trees have not grown. There is a low-lying crater of sorts in the center of the isle.


  • A colony of Rahkshi are the main residents of the easternmost isle.
  • A large number of Visorak are found on the westernmost isle.



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