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"When I was certain that he had gone to do as I'd commanded, I carefully opened
a secret compartment in the dwelling and removed the nine stones that I'd kept
hidden all these years. Gathering them up, along with my thoughts, I prepared to
address the Matoran of Kush Nui and tell them it was a time for new heroes to arise.
— Narrator, Fractured
Toa Resi

Toa Team
Headquarters Fortress at Kerma Nui
Leader(s) Persh, Tchafu (Deputy)
Status Disbanded
Goal Defend Kush Nui
Allies Matoran, Turaga
Enemies Beţshu
Pronunciation TOH-uh REH-see

The Toa Resi were a group of nine Toa on the Isle of Kush Nui who have since disbanded following the slaughter of most of their ranks.






Former MembersEdit

Name/Title Kanohi Tools
Banpi, Toa of Iron Gemi, Mask of Scanning Twin Proto-Glaives
Haiu, Toa of Storms Calix, Mask of Fate Sickle, Shield
Nentchā, Toa of Insects Huna, Mask of Concealment Twin Battle Hammers
Pekhat, Toa of Lightning Senb, Mask of Health Crossbow, Sword
Persh, Toa of Elasticity Uhi, Mask of Sensory Deprivation Twin Javelins
Sehem, Toa of Plasma Nektana, Mask of Life Support War Pick
Tahen, Toa of Crystal Rode, Mask of Truth Twin Katars
Tchafu, Toa of Magma Crathsis, Mask of Emotion Shuriken
Ţeţ, Toa of Energy Akaku, Mask of X-Ray Vision Twin Kinetic Gauntlets



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