Circle Logo Talvak Small

Toa Kamas

Toa Team
Headquarters Kamas Nui
Leader(s) Talvak
Status Active
Goal Defend Kamas Nui
Allies Leludi, Lupike
Enemies Sinosis
Pronunciation TOH-uh KAH-mahs

The Toa Kamas are a group of thirteen Toa from Kamas Nui.


The Tales of Kamas NuiEdit


Name/Title Kanohi Tools
Talvak, Toa of Fire Kiros, Great Mask of Solid Energy Projection Twin Flame Swords
Arilu, Toa of Water Suletu, Great Mask of Telepathy Dagger Claws
Artoar, Toa of Gravity Kualsi, Great Mask of Quick Travel Gravity Hammer
Coran, Toa of Ice Rode, Great Mask of Truth Snow Spear
Durant, Toa of Plasma Theris, Great Mask of Heat Vision Plasma Blade
Ferrik, Toa of Iron Unknown, Great Mask of Unknown Unknown
Keeto, Toa of Air Mahiki, Great Mask of Illusion Glider Blades
Nuuvac, Toa of Earth Pakari, Great Mask of Strength Twin Drill Propellers
Orben, Toa Hordika of Sonics Powerless Mutated Unknown, Great Mask of Unknown Thunder Sword
Ruka, Toa of Stone Kakama, Great Mask of Speed Grappling Chain
Shurawl, Toa of Jungle Miru, Great Mask of Levitation Chloro Staff
Tanyon, Toa Hordika of Lightning Powerless Mutated Unknown, Great Mask of Unknown Lightning Axe
Vorkal, Toa of Magnetism Falak, Great Mask of Duplication Magna Maces



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