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Toa Ceronox

Toa Ceronox
Toa Team
Headquarters Ceronox Nui
Leader(s) Flengu
Status Active
Goal Defend Ceronox Nui
Allies Unknown
Enemies Unknown
Pronunciation TOH-uh SEHR-oh-nahks

The Toa Ceronox are a group of seven heroes who hail from the Isle of Ceronox Nui.


The Light in the Shadows

Former Members

Name/Title Kanohi Tools
Flengu, Toa of Air Kualsi, Great Mask of Quick Travel Hytrax Blaster, Two-Handed Tornado Axe
Borgila, Toa of Lightning Kiril, Great Mask of Regeneration Lightning Staff, "Thunder"
Dohlu, Toa of Jungle Unknown, Great Mask of Unknown Energy Crossbow, Shield
Meterax, Toa of Iron Volitak, Great Mask of Stealth Brawler Claws, "Shredder'"
Mukdaar, Toa of Plasma Komau, Great Mask of Mind Control Buzzsaw, Plasma Blade, Plasma Pistol
Narmok, Toa of Ice Hau, Great Mask of Shielding Custom Sniper Rifle, Ice Spear
Zåhåku, Toa of Rahi Faxon, Great Mask of Kindred Energy Shotgun, Razor Sword



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