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This article is about the Ta-Matoran from the Terra Nui Trilogy. You may be looking for his "grandfather".


Matoran Takan
Class Ta-Matoran
Occupation Mask Maker
Mask Powerless Yellow Great Kanohi Hau, Mask of Shielding
Status Alive
Location Terra Nui
Pronunciation TAH-kahn

Takan is a Ta-Matoran on the Isle of Terra Nui.


Takan works as Sari's partner in the Terra-Koro smithy.

The Power WithinEdit

The Strength UnboundEdit

The Balance RebornEdit

Abilities & TraitsEdit

Takan is a mask maker whose family crafted almost all of the Kanohi currently worn on the island. The art of mask making has been passed down to Takan from his "grandfather", Tåkån, a highly respected and well-renowned figure in Terra Nui's history.



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