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Title Random Reconstitution
Powers Temporary Randomized Physical Disorientation
Disk(s) Reconstitute at Random
User(s) Gyah (Formerly),
Himaku (Formerly), Kiydo, Ordius (Formerly)
Pronunciation ZIGHN-oh-ahr

The Kanohi Szinoar is the Mask of Random Reconstitution. It grants the user the ability to fire a bolt of energy at a target and therefore randomly scramble the inorganic molecules of the target for a period of time that is directly dependent upon how much concentration was invested in manifesting the bolt. The mask's power, therefore, can have either positive or negative effects, and the wearer of the mask has no control over the severity of the result, nor the result itself, thus the mask must be used with extreme caution.

On Metru Nui, Kanohi Szinoar are made from Reconstitute at Random Kanoka.

Example UsageEdit






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