This article is about the Dark Hunter. You may be looking for Rhotuka Spinners.
"Sometimes, the most fertile ground for recruiting Dark Hunters is among our enemies, the Toa.
The Dark Hunter known as "Spinner", for example, was positively eager to defect.
"The Shadowed One", Dark Hunters

Dark Hunter Spinner
Dark Hunter
Powers Coma & Imbalance Rhotuka, Vertigo Vision
Tools Rhotuka Launcher,
Twin Slicers
Status Alive
Location Spherus Magna
Pronunciation SPIN-er

Title Toa of Air
Mask Unknown Great Kanohi Unknown, Mask of Unknown
Tools Unknown

Class Le-Matoran
Occupation Unknown
Mask Powerless Unknown Great Kanohi Unknown, Mask of Unknown

"Spinner" is a former Toa of Air who later joined the Dark Hunters.


While "Spinner" was still a Toa, he and his Toa Team fought against a group of mutated Rahkshi. During this fight, "Spinner" was thrown into an incredibly deep pit and was greatly injured by the fall, blaming his fellow Toa for it.


"Spinner" rebuilt by the Dark Hunters.

When Dark Hunter operatives found him, "Spinner" was damaged so badly that they had to take him to be repaired. They added several improvements to him, such as new powers and weapons, and recruited him into the Dark Hunters.

"Spinner" has stated that he wants to exclusively hunt Toa, and is still an active Dark Hunter.

In the wake of Teridax's death, "Spinner" evacuated the Great Spirit Robot along with the other surviving residents of the Matoran Universe, onto the newly reformed planet of Spherus Magna.

Abilities & TraitsEdit

As a Toa of Air, "Spinner" could create, control and absorb Air.

Since his injuries, he has lost his Elemental Powers and now causes the air around him to become heavy and toxic, limiting his usefulness on missions requiring stealth. He can also now instill vertigo in a target through a mere glance.

Mask & ToolsEdit

"Spinner" now carries twin slicers that can each launch Rhotuka spinners that make his foe lose balance. The two weapons can also be combined to launch a Rhotuka that can plunge opponents into a coma. The sheer amount of energy required to perform this attack, however, can drain "Spinner" enough to cause him to fall into a coma himself.


  • "Spinner" was created by Joshua Guthrie, also known as BZPower member GreenBioGuy, for the LEGO Magazine Dark Hunter Building Contest, and was given a storyline role and place in the book BIONICLE: Dark Hunters, by Greg Farshtey.