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""The Dark Lord" paced around the room, as the Spikerak scuttled frantically to keep up with him."
— Narrator, The Power Within

Powers Cannon
Status Deceased
Pronunciation SPIGH-keh-rack

The Spikerak was a foul and evil Rahi pet belonging to "The Dark Lord".


Not much is known about the Spikerak, only that it belonged to "The Dark Lord". Its' history and life span are also unknown, although records on Shakaz say that the Rahi had been present in its' master's Stronghold since he arrived on the island.

The Power WithinEdit

Generally, the team of Sharaku were repulsed by the Spikerak, and avoided the Rahi like the Shadow Plague. The Torika barely could stand the sight of it, and knew that they faced severe punishment if they so much as approached the Spikerak. Only Zakarath seemed to tolerate the creature, though he never dared to touch it lest it infuriate his master. As a whole, the Spikerak never left the side of "The Dark Lord" while on Terra Nui, and it was killed along with its' master during the Battle of Terra Nui, by the Toa Terra's elemental blast.

Abilites & TraitsEdit

The Spikerak was covered with poisonous barbs, had a small cannon slung beneath its belly, and went everywhere its' master went, often being fed or petted by "The Dark Lord". Usually it either sat in his lap or perched on his shoulder. This Rahi's tenacity and foul temper generated much dislike among those who knew it. On Shakaz, "The Dark Lord" used to torture Torika with it as a form of punishment, sending the Spikerak to attack any misbehaving slaves while its' master watched gleefully. It is also believed that the Spikerak was the only creature that "The Dark Lord" ever felt compassion or even love for, with not even Zakarath coming close.



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