"Chirox struck first, using his mask power to make it
impossible for Takanuva to hear their approach or call for help.
— Narrator, The Final Battle

Title Mask of Silence
Powers Renders Target Mute and Deaf
Disk(s) Unknown
User(s) Ainer (Formerly), Binatuu, Chirox (Formerly), Clyvæus, Ferohn, Herdtera (Formerly), Mutran (Formerly), Schaavek, Yteryl
Pronunciation SHEY-leck

The Kanohi Shelek is the Mask of Silence. The Great version allows its' user to simultaneously disable a target's ability to speak and hear for as long as the user concentrates. Meanwhile, the Noble version allow its' user to disable either a nearby target's ability to speak, or their ability to hear, but not both, for as long as the user concentrates.

Example UsageEdit

Chirox used his Kanohi Shelek in The Final Battle to temporarily deafen and mute Takanuva so that he and Bitil could ambush him.







Picture Description
Kanohi Shelek Small A Great Kanohi Shelek
Kirop's kanohi A Noble Kanohi Shelek


  • Toa wouldn't typically wear this mask, as they feel its' power is immoral.

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