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Title Mask of Healing
Powers Quick Healing of Others
Disk(s) Disk of Health
User(s) Ånpu, Pekhat (Formerly)
Pronunciation SEHNB

The Kanohi Senb is the Mask of Healing. It grants the user the ability to heal others (but not themselves) of a physical wound, disease, or wound-induced insanity. However, the user cannot remove a virus and the speed of the healing depends on the user's willpower and the condition that needs curing. The user also needs to have a basic understanding of the targeted injuries. The amount of damage the user can repair varies between the Great and Noble. Only the Great can fully heal a wound; neither version can heal inorganic damage. This mask is one of the few to have Elemental Powers, although it will not boost the user's powers if they already have healing abilities.

Example UsageEdit

Amplified SenbEdit

One particular Senb in the main universe and another in the Empire of Whenua Alternate Universe were embedded with Gether shards, and one was worn by Toa Resi Pekhat in the main universe. The other is worn by Toa Sepţiu Ånpu. Both masks, coincidentally, allow the user to heal themselves.





  • Pekhat - Formerly; became Great when he was transformed into a Toa Resi.




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