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Toa Hordika Sarraw
Toa Horrakah Hordika
Title Toa Horrakah Hordika of Air
Powers Acid, Agility, Air, Illusions, Speed, Strength
Tools Arm Blade, Tail, Teeth
Status Alive
Location Marak Nui
Pronunciation SAR-rah

Class Le-Matoran
Occupation Messenger
Mask Powerless Dark Green Noble Kanohi Mahiki, Mask of Illusion

Sarraw was once a Le-Matoran who was transformed into the Toa Horrakah Hordika of Air on the Isle of Marak Nui.


Matoran LifeEdit


Abilities & TraitsEdit

Being an experimental Hordika, Sarraw has increased speed, strength, and agility, however he does not possess a Rhotuka Launcher, and can channel his elemental power like a normal Toa. Because of the modified Hordika Venom, he now needs to feed on Rahi and other beings to avoid starvation. His eyes are located on the sides of his head, yet somehow he is still able to see what is in front of him.

Aside from Karak, Sarraw is the most temperamental of the Toa Horrakah, due to the Hordika Venom that courses through him. He often goes off on his own to complete his tasks or to hunt for food. He is now a silent stalker and will watch for his prey to be lulled into a sense of false security before he will attack, usually devouring them while they are still alive. In battle he is sometimes reckless and will launch himself upon his opponents if provoked, as well as if he becomes impatient.

Mask & ToolsEdit

Sarraw's Kanohi Mahiki has been fused to his head, however he is still able to create strong illusions, though unable to portray himself as anything other than invisible nor shape-shift. His fangs, claws, and tail produce an acid that is capable of burning through organic matter and all forms of Protodermis, including ProtoSteel.



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