Kanohi Ruru
Title Mask of Night Vision
Powers Night Vision,
Limited X-Ray Vision
Disk(s) Teleport, Enlarge
User(s) Gaila (Formerly), Gojan, Iinokin (Formerly), Inåmi, Rhonek, Thaios (Formerly), Whenua
Pronunciation ROO-roo

The Kanohi Ruru is the Mask of Night Vision. The Great version allows its' user to cast a beam of light that allows them and those nearby to see. It also grants them normal night vision and a small degree of X-Ray Vision. It can be used as a weapon, blinding enemies with its' glow. The Noble version does not glow, but allows its' user to see clearly in any level of darkness.

Kanohi Ruru are made from Enlarge and Teleport Kanoka on Metru Nui.

Example UsagesEdit

Whenua mask in act

A Great Kanohi Ruru in action.







BH Kanohi Ruru

A Great Kanohi Ruru in BIONICLE Heroes

Picture Description
Matoran Whenua Kanohi A Matoran Kanohi Ruru in Great form as seen in Legends of Metru Nui.
Set Great Kanohi Ruru A Great Kanohi Ruru
Set Ruru Hordika A Great Kanohi Ruru mutated by Hordika Venom.
RuruNoble A Noble Kanohi Ruru

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