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Title Mask of Poison Removal
Powers Curing Toxic Afflictions
Disk(s) Remove Poison
User(s) None
Pronunciation rahn-GOH-uh

The Kanohi Rongoa is the Mask of Poison Removal. It provide the user with the capacity to slow and ultimately cure the effects of most toxic substances within others, and occasionally themselves, though the level of concentration required for self-healing is often too exhausting for a mind and body already combating a noxious substance.

Furthermore, it should be noted that although the effects of Hordika Venom cannot be reversed, the primal urges of others can be somewhat managed, and the eventual mental transformation may possibly be slowed for a limited amount of time. It is unknown if there are other toxins which may exhibit similar resistance to the mask's antidote powers.

On Metru Nui, Kanohi Rongoa are crafted from Remove Poison Kanoka.

Example UsageEdit







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