"He's not a shape-shifter. And he really does think he's Takanuva."
— Alternate Axonn, The Kingdom

Title Mask of Truth
Powers Seeing Through
Tricks and Illusions
Disk(s) Unknown
User(s) Aritonu (Formerly),
Åuset, Axonn,
Coran, Qestes (Formerly),
Riålå, Rien,
Tahen (Formerly), Zaantak
Pronunciation ROHD

The Kanohi Rode is the Mask of Truth. It allows its' user to see through any deception or disguise. Kanohi Rode are always on at a low level. Thus, it is impossible to deceive a Kanohi Rode-wearer. The mask's power enables its' user to see through the powers of Kanohi Iden, Kanohi Volitak, Kanohi Huna, and Kanohi Mahiki as well.

Example UsageEdit

Axonn used his Kanohi Rode in Destiny War to ascertain whether or not Toa Krakua was speaking the truth about being an Order of Mata Nui messenger.






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