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Sharaku Rieka
Powers Digging, Earth
Tools Rock Tridents
Status Alive
Location Terra Nui
Pronunciation RIGH-ee-kah

Torika Rieka
Class Onu-Torika
Occupation Ruhktar's Servant
Powers Digging, Earth

Rieka is the Terra Nui Sharaku of Earth defending the Matoran on the Isle of Terra Nui.


Rieka was picked by "The Dark Lord" as a Torika while still on the Isle of Shakaz to be used as menial labor for the evil Makuta's team.

The Power WithinEdit

In the year 5,400 A.G.C., Rieka traveled to the Isle of Terra Nui along with her master, seven Sharaku, and five other Torika. There the quiet and shy Rieka usually hid in the shadows of the Sharaku Stronghold, only occasionally serving her master Ruhktar. Rieka desperately wanted to aid the enslaved Matoran and eventually learned to act more open and talkative with her fellow Torika.

The Strength UnboundEdit

The Balance RebornEdit

Abilities & TraitsEdit

Rieka is known to rarely speak, but she none-the-less gives valuable information when she does.




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