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CGI Rahi Symbols

Matoran carvings representing Rahi.

The term Rahi means "creature" or "wildlife" in Matoran; more accurately, it means "creature that is not like we Matoran". "Rahi" is only applied to wild or tamed creatures. Toa and Turaga are considered members of the Matoran species, simply in different stages of power, thus separating them from Rahi. Other Sapient Species of the Matoran Universe, such as Makuta, act like Matoran in that they display emotion and their actions can be reasoned out by Matoran logic.

Rahi are biomechanical beings composed of organic and inorganic Protodermis. It is known that Rahi contain within them, in addition to Amana Volo energy, minuscule amounts of Light energy, enough for a tangible amount to be drained, but not enough to affect their judgment.

Comic Lewa and Kopaka vs. Rahi

Toa Mata Lewa and Kopaka battled infected Rahi on the Isle of Mata Nui.

Some Rahi are able to wear powerless Kanohi, which can be infected by Kraata to subject the wearer to a Makuta's influence. Rahi may also be controlled by Makuta, Kraata, Rahkshi, or Toa with the power of Rahi Control, or by users of the Kanohi Begasu. Makuta, Kraata, Rahkshi, and Toa with the power of Insect Control, or users of a Kanohi Jotar, can control insectoid Rahi.

Most of the Rahi of the Matoran Universe were created long ago by the Makuta, whose technique involved blending various Viruses in vats of Liquid Protodermis. The Makuta were given this duty because Rahi were useful to the beings of the Matoran Universe: for instance, docile Rahi could be tamed and put into the service of Matoran, while fiercer Rahi could be used to guard important or dangerous places where Matoran or others were not meant to go. Later, as the Brotherhood of Makuta became corrupt, they began to create Rahi for the organization's own use.

A few Rahi in the Matoran Universe predated even the Makuta, having been created by the Great Beings. A few other species of Rahi are the result of Energized Protodermis or other factors acting on pre-existing Rahi, sapient beings, or the environment.

Many Rahi made the planet of Spherus Magna their new home after the operating systems of the Great Spirit Robot were damaged or destroyed.



Rahi Blade Burrower

A Blade Burrower.

  • Blade Burrower - One of the most powerful Rahi known in Onu-Metru. Created by Mutran.
  • Bladetort - Six-legged tortoise-like Rahi.
  • Bog Leech - A leech-like Rahi known to live in swamps.
  • Borer Worm - A worm-like Rahi.
  • Brakas - A mischievous monkey Rahi that is commonly found in Le-Wahi.
  • Burnak - A canine feline Rahi found on Voya Nui.



  • Dagger Spider - A spider-like Rahi from Voya Nui.
  • Daikau - A carnivorous plant Rahi. It is considered a Rahi because it has the ability to think.
  • Degu - A lizard-like Rahi.
  • Dermis Turtle - A small, humble, turtle-like Rahi that uses a mysterious ability to predict the weather.
  • Devourer - Small Rahi that travel in swarms and eat inorganic Protodermis.
  • Dikapi - A flightless desert bird Rahi.
  • Doom Viper - A multi-headed snake Rahi with poison breath created by Chirox.
  • Dran-Ko - A land-dwelling mollusk-like Rahi native to the Isle of Resi Nui, that moves by skittering on its' "tentacles" and eats mostly anything.
  • Dust Darter - Small Rahi that live in Karzahni's realm, they eat Protodermis and attack the Matoran's armor.
  • "Dweller in the Deep" - A gigantic, fearful Rahi that has a jaw big enough to swallow the Great Temple, though it chooses to live under it instead.


Set Spinax





The enlarged Gadunka.


  • Hahnah - A small crab Rahi found in the depths of "The Pit".
  • Hapaka - A Rahi native to the mountainous regions of Mata Nui, where they bounded from rock to rock with sure-footed ease.
  • Hemisva - A beetle-like Rahi.
  • Hidran - A dragon-like Rahi that resides in the sea with some specimens found outside "The Pit" in the waters of Aqua Magna.
  • Hikaki - A "Dragon Lizard" Rahi.
  • Hoto - A firebug Rahi that lived in Ta-Wahi.
  • Hummaera - A golden hummingbird-like Rahi.
  • Husi - An ostrich-like Rahi.
  • Hydruka - A Rahi found around Mahri Nui in the waters of Aqua Magna.



  • Jierba - A small, green, rodent-like Rahi.



The Kardas Dragon.



Set Manas

Manas on Mata Nui.

  • Magraka - A red, wyvern-like Rahi.
  • Mahi - A horned goat-like Rahi that can be tamed.
  • Makika - A large and very dangerous toad-like Rahi who dwells in the caves of Po-Wahi.
  • Makuta Fish - A swift fish Rahi who had "The same happy-smile as Makuta".
  • Makuta Hound - A beastial, dog-like Rahi native to the Isle of Destral.
  • Mana Ko - A legendary Rahi believed to be Teridax's ultimate guardian.
  • Manas - A giant crab-like Rahi known to serve Teridax.
  • Manutri - A flightless bird-like Rahi native to Voya Nui.
  • Mata Nui Fishing Bird - Seabird Rahi that roost in the lower branches of Le-Wahi.
  • Metru Mantis - A mantis-like Rahi that feeds on other insects.
  • Moa - A bird-like Rahi found in Po-Wahi.
  • Mokhugra - A large, frightening Rahi which are believed to be Kush Nui villagers that were somehow transformed into their current state.
  • Muaka - A tiger-like Rahi that can extend its' neck forward to grab its' prey.
  • Mud Crawler - A carnivorous Rahi.
  • Mukau - A placid bovine Rahi.
  • Muudabok - A bovine-like Rahi.
  • Myotiki - A bat-like Rahi.


  • Nathak - A species of raptor-like Rahi known to hunt in packs.
  • Necrofinch - A species of bird-like Rahi that lives in the mountains of Zakaz and can remain singing even after it is deceased.
  • Niazesk - A species of tiny Rahi created to keep larger Rahi in check.
  • Night Creeper - A nocturnal Rahi found in Onu-Metru. Roughly one-and-one-half bio long, squat, and possessing six powerful legs, it forages for small insects and rodents.
  • Nivawk - A hawk-like Rahi, one of which served Makuta Teridax during his rule of Metru Nui disguised as Turaga Dume.
  • Nui-Båuk - A parrot-like seahawk Rahi native to Kemet Nui.
  • Nui-Dragon - A species of sentient draconic Rahi native to the Domes of Ceronox Nui, Stelt, and Hytrax.
  • Nui-Jaga - Large scorpion-like Rahi with stingers that can shoot venom.
    • Jaga - An X-Force empowered Nui-Jaga.
  • Nui-Kopen - A giant wasp-like Rahi that are hostile towards Nui-Rama since they hunt the same prey.
  • Nui-Rama - A large flying insect Rahi that created enormous, towering hives in the Le-Wahi jungle.
    • Rama - An X-Force empowered Nui-Rama.
  • Nukepi - A giant, snail-like Rahi.


  • Ohee - An arthropod-like Rahi native to the waters of Kemet Nui.


Rahi Proto Drake

A Proto Drake.

  • Parakrekks - Large, bipedal amphibious Rahi that feed on the rubble left by the Protocairns.
  • Phase Dragon - An unusual Rahi that goes so fast that it can pass through solid objects.
  • Pikobe - A tall heron-like Rahi.
  • Pit War Tortoise - A large tortoise-like Rahi which are part of Carapar's army.
  • Pokawi - A small flightless bird-like Rahi of Le-Wahi.
  • Pretocor - A large, ruthless, aquatic Rahi known to attack anything it comes near, even members of its' own species.
  • Proto Drake - A large, graceful amphibious Rahi that lives in Ga-Metru, and off the coasts of Mata Nui. Created by Kojol.
  • Protocairn - A large, amphibious Rahi which are believed to be villagers from another land that were transformed by the effects of Energized Protodermis.
  • Protodites - Microscopic Rahi that escaped from the Archives.
  • Pyroke - A species of fiery lizard-like Rahi that are utilized as steeds by Matoran, Toa, and Rakile.



HT Hydraxon and Reef Raiders

A school of Reef Raiders swim past Hydraxon.

  • Rock Lion - A mysterious creature that dwells in the deepest sections of the Archives.
  • Rock Raptor - A raptor-like Rahi that traps prey bigger than itself by making landslides.
  • Rockworm - A small, venomous subterranean Rahi.
  • Ruki - A common fish-like Rahi that has powerful jaws and is the natural enemy of Tarakava.


  • Sand Frog - A frog-like Rahi.
  • Sand Screamer - A mysterious creature that inhabited the desert of Voya Nui.
  • Sand Snipe - A small biting insect from Po-Metru.
  • Sand Tarakava - A relative of the Tarakava that lives in the desert.
  • Scorporaka - A arthropod-like Rahi native to the waters of Kemet Nui.
  • Sea Spider - An amphibious spider-like Rahi that is the only known predator of the Visorak.
  • Serqet-Jaga - A mammoth, scorpion-like Rahi exclusive to the Isle of Kemet Nui.
  • Shallows Cat - A panther-like Rahi that lived on Daxia
  • Shore Turtle - A flying turtle-like Rahi that lived in Le-Wahi.
  • Silver Chute Spider - A spider-like Rahi that is believed to be related to the Visorak and would hunt in the Metru Nui Chute System, catching prey in paralyzing webbing.
  • Slime-Worm - A clawed Rahi about which very little is known.
  • Sirok - A serpentine Rahi that lives near sources of water, it kills it's prey by drowning terrestrial Rahi in the shallows and dragging aquatic Rahi out on to the ground.
  • Smoke Hawk - A bird Rahi native to Xia.
  • Spider Crab - A Rahi that the Barraki used in battle.
  • Spikerak - A specific spider-like Rahi, belonging to an unknown species, and kept as a pet by "The Dark Lord".
  • Spine Slug - A parasitic slug that attaches itself onto Skakdi and feeds on their anger.
  • Spiny Stone Ape - A Po-Metru ape that lives in the shadows of the sculptures. When threatened, they curl into a huge spiky ball and attempt to crush their enemies.
  • Squall - A bird Rahi native to Anarchos Nui.
  • Stinger Whale - A large whale-like Rahi.
  • Stone Rat - A rodent-like Rahi, who once dwelt in the Archives, that can and will eat almost any object, due to teeth that grind through stone.
  • Stone Snake - A Rahi which Krahka once transformed into.
  • Swamp Stalker - A reptilian Rahi that lived in the Swamp of Secrets.
  • Subterranean Worm - Giant, strong, tentacled creatures that dwell deep in Onu-Wahi and are spoken of mainly in legends, and occasionally spotted by miners.



The Tahtorak.



Rahi Vahki Hunter

A Vahki Hunter.

  • Vahki Hunter - A Rahi that chases Vahki as prey.
  • Vako - A great horned rhino-like Rahi that roamed the plains of Po-Wahi.
  • Vatuka - An elemental rock creature that lived in Onu-Wahi.
  • Venom Flyer - A flying creature that would travel with the Visorak, assisting them in capturing other flying Rahi.
  • Visorak - A species of intelligent spider-like creatures whose names mean "stealers of life" in their own tongue, created by Chirox.


  • Waikiru - A walrus-like Rahi.
  • Waiwa - A small, shrimp-like Rahi that is a staple of many Matoran diets.
  • Water Wraith - A small marine Rahi disregarded by larger fish because their outer shells are covered in poison. Created by Teridax.
  • Worm - A small, Kraata-like Rahi that can communicate with others of its' species via telepathy and are small enough to fit in Bohrok headplates instead of Krana.
  • Wurgau - A large scavenger Rahi native to Punt Nui.


  • X-Rahi - Various specimens of Rahi transformed by their innate X-Force.
  • Xotohk - A vicious wasp-like Rahi native to Terra Nui.



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