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Toa Orben
Toa Kamas Hordika
Title Toa Kamas Hordika of Sonics
Tools Thunder Sword
Status Alive
Location Kamas Nui
Pronunciation OHR-behn

Class De-Matoran
Occupation Unknown
Mask Powerless Unknown Kanohi Unknown, Mask of Unknown

Matoran Hordika
Title De-Matoran Hordika
Tools Unknown

Orben was once a De-Matoran who became a Matoran Hordika on the Isle of Kamas Nui.


The Tales of Kamas NuiEdit

Abilities & TraitsEdit

In a twist of fate, the Visorak that attacked the Matoran of Kamas Nui had been altered by Makuta Sinosis, therefore the effects of their Hordika Venom did not render the villagers a different species, as is virtually always the case in these sort of mutations. Thus, Orben was still capable of evolving into the Toa Kamas Hordika of Sonics.




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