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"The Onu-Matoran have incredible Stamina.
They can play for long hours without getting tired.
But they are slow!
Macku, The Final Chronicle

MoL Onu-Matoran
Onu-Matoran in Onu-Koro
Element Earth
Preferred Regions Subterranean Regions
Transforms Into Toa of Earth or,
in the case of Nepu,
Toa of Sand
Pronunciation OH-noo-maa-TOHR-uhn

The Onu-Matoran are the Matoran of Earth in the Matoran Universe and beyond.

Abilities & TraitsEdit

The Onu-Matoran have inactive Earth powers. Onu-Matoran prefer to look to history for the answers to their questions; on Metru Nui, this placed them in direct conflict with the future-oriented Ko-Matoran, leading to various incidents between the two Metru, including Onu-Matoran "accidentally" undermining Knowledge Towers in their expansion of the Archives, causing the Towers to collapse. On Mata Nui, the Onu-Matoran called anyone not from their village "surfacers".

Onu-Matoran as a general rule prefer to stay underground; most of them seem to be exceptionally strong for Matoran and spend much of their time mining. Onu-Matoran do not see well in bright sunlight, which leads to their dislike of it. The Onu-Matoran living in Mata Nui and later again Metru Nui, value Duty and Destiny the most out of the Three Virtues, from which they derive their Principle of Prosperity, and the Skill of Stamina.

Identifiable physical attributes of Onu-Matoran include bright orange, bright violet, dark gray, tan and black Kanohi and armor, and dark green eyes on both the Island City of Metru Nui and the Isle of Mata Nui.


The Onu-Matoran have been seen residing in nearly all corners of the Matoran Universe.


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