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"Why should I waste my blade on you, when I can transport you far from here? [...]
Even if you knock me out, that gate will keep after you until it draws you inside.
It won't disappear until someone has passed through it...and that someone is you.
Brutaka, Inferno

Title Mask of Dimensional Gates
Powers Creating Dimensional Portals
User(s) Āpep (Formerly), Arterik,
Brutaka (Formerly),
Rehkit (Formerly), Vezon
Pronunciation ohl-MACK

The Kanohi Olmak is the Mask of Dimensional Gates.


Matoran UniverseEdit

Only two Kanohi Olmak have ever existed in the Matoran Universe, both created by the Maker Artakha.

Northern OlmakEdit

The northern Olmak has had a variety of owners: its' first user was a member of the Toa Voya, who were the first Toa Team to reach the Kanohi Ignika. Next it was then stolen by Makuta Rehkit and subsequently briefly ended up in the claws of the Åtukåm Āpep. It was later retrieved by the Order of Mata Nui and used twice by the Thelian Botar during the imprisonment of Toa Mangai Tuyet in an alternate timeline. Afterward, it was again stolen by the Brotherhood of Makuta and used by Makuta Tridax to recruit an army of Shadow Takanuva. Most recently, it was looted from Tridax's sub-basement of the Destral Fortress by Vezon, whose face then became fused to it when a portal landed him in the way of a wave of Energized Protodermis. Although the mask's power remains active, the fusion caused it to go out of control and transport Vezon spontaneously between dimensions.

Southern OlmakEdit

The southern Olmak eventually came into the possession of the Order of Mata Nui member Brutaka and was damaged by the Pit Mutagen, rendering its' use rather risky. This mask was later destroyed by Makuta Teridax in the Core Processor of the Great Spirit Robot.

Dark MirrorEdit

In the Toa Empire Alternate Universe, Brutaka's Kanohi Olmak was held in the Coliseum's Hall of Masks after he was killed. This particular mask is now lost in the inter-dimensional space that is The Void.


At least one Olmak exists outside of the Matoran Universe and can be found on the satellite of Benevus in the possession of a being known as Arterik, leader of The Auterix.


A powerful but rare mask, the Kanohi Olmak allows its' user to transport themselves and/or other targets to different dimensions or another location within their own dimension via cross-dimensional portals. A Kanohi Olmak user can also form gateways that stay open without their concentration, if they so wish. While time travel is impossible, one can use a Kanohi Olmak to travel to dimensions where time flows faster or slower than in the original dimension. One can also use a Kanohi Olmak to travel far beyond the limits of the Matoran Universe.

Example UsageEdit

Comic Light and Dark Takanuva

Takanuva emerging from a portal created by a Kanohi Olmak.

Brutaka used his Kanohi Olmak to transport a Doom Viper into a pool of lava in Power Play.






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