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"Lesovikk said Karzahni can show you alternate events--usually horrifying ones, intended to terrify you.
But, Idris ... what if he showed you a future--or a past--that you wished for? And what if you wanted it so much ... that you stayed trapped in that vision forever?
Sarda, Dreams of Destruction

Title Mask of Alternate Futures
Powers Shows Alternate Timelines and Possible Futures
User(s) Karzahni (Formerly)
Pronunciation oh-LEE-see

The Kanohi Olisi is the Great Mask of Alternate Futures created by the Great Beings. Only one Kanohi Olisi is in existence; this mask is fused to the head of Karzahni. It allows its' user to project a mental illusion of an alternate timeline or a possible future into one or more being's minds simultaneously. The user also views the illusion. While a Kanohi Olisi-user can place a vision in another's head and leave it active without maintaining concentration, in this case the visions become easier for the target to break out of. The Kanohi Olisi can activate its' power through an energy burst.

Karzahni's mask originally looked like it was composed of four masks patched together. After being altered by the Pit Mutagen, the mask was fused to Karzahni's head, however in spite of this, he can still use its' power.

Example Usages

  • Karzahni once used his mask to show Ballom a vision of his own death, allowing him to spare the life of Vrael in the future, in order to escape certain death at the hands of Chompshi in The Strength Unbound.
  • Karzahni used his mask to give Jaller a vision of what would have happened if he hadn't saved Takua's life during their quest for the seventh Toa in Dark Destiny.
  • Karzahni later used his mask on seven Matoran at once to create a vision of what would happen if Mata Nui died. The vision temporarily shocked him, allowing Jaller's team to escape.
  • Karzahni also planted a vision in Lesovikk's head about his past. However, the Toa was able to break out of it.



HotC Olisi

The Kanohi Olisi as "forged" by Heir of the Chronicler.

Picture Description
Olisi The Kanohi Olisi before Karzahni's mutation.
Mutated Olisi The Kanohi Olisi after Karzahni's mutation.


  • A physical rendering of the pre-mutated Kanohi Olisi was created by BZPower member Heir of the Chronicler, attracting much attention from the BZPower Community.

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