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Powers Energy Reflection,
Extreme Temperature Resistance
Tools Absorber Shields
Status Active
Location Terra Nui
Pronunciation nohs-fehr-NAHKS

Nosfernox is the powerhouse of the Quntaino.


The Strength UnboundEdit

In the year 5,440 A.G.C., the Ota-suva shrine was struck by lightning, causing the seven sections to expand and shatter, releasing the Quntaino.

The Balance RebornEdit

Since his birth from his Keystone egg, Nosfernox has aided his six brothers in attempting to locate the Mask of Nature.

Abilities & TraitsEdit

Despite his slow, strong, and steadfast plodding, Nosfernox can withstand extreme temperatures, falling objects, and strong attacks with ease, and is capable of absorbing energy attacks and reflecting them back. Nosfernox possesses amphibian characteristics such as slimy skin, a long, thick tail, poisonous spikes and vile skin secretions, and horizontal, toad-like eyes.


Nosfernox's arms have large absorber shields mounted on them that can also deflect physical strikes.



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