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Toa Ceronox
Title Toa Ceronox of Plasma
Mask Orange Great Kanohi Komau, Mask of Mind Control
Tools Buzzsaw, Plasma Blade, Plasma Pistol, Robotic Arm Attachments
Status Alive
Location Ceronox Nui
Pronunciation MOOK-dahr

Class Tai-Matoran
Occupation Inventor
Mask Powerless Orange Great Kanohi Komau, Mask of Mind Control
Tools Robotic Arm Attachments

Mukdaar is the Toa Ceronox of Plasma.


Mukdaar was once an Inventor on his homeland who was obsessed with creating weapons and devices to help protect his fellow Matoran.

The Light in the Shadows

Abilities & Traits

Mukdaar was once a Matoran Inventor, and was very skilled with almost any sort of mechanical devise and as such could repair or modify any weapon. He also built many weapons himself with his constant motivation being the protection of his fellow Matoran when Toa where not around. Mukdaar is now the Toa Ceronox of Plasma. His knowledge of this Elemental Power allows him to melt virtually anything instantly into vapor. In addition, he could create a superheated plasma coating around himself to shield his body, as well as to liquefy objects on contact in order to provide plasma energy he can then absorb. He can also utilize searing plasma to assist him in various things such as tunneling, burning through surfaces, or he can even use blobs of plasma as dangerous projectiles.

Mask & Tools



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