"These aren't just doubles - they are me. They are all me.
Each one plucked from my past to aid me in the present.
Instant army, ever loyal, and I can call on as many as I need. [...]
Unfortunately, they -
we - never seem to remember what we see in our own future."
Bitil, Swamp of Secrets

Mask of Duplication
Title Mask of Time Duplication
Powers Summons User's Past Selves
Disk(s) Unknown
User(s) Bitil (Formerly)
Pronunciation MOH-treck

The Kanohi Mohtrek is the Mask of Time Duplication. It allows its' user to transport one or more past versions of themselves to the present. When these past selves are returned to their time(s), all memories of what they did are erased. However, all physical side effects are kept. It is for this reason that Bitil didn't consider summoning past selves from before he entered the Swamp of Secrets, for fear that they would lose their powers. If a past self is killed, the user will vanish, and an alternate timeline where they did not exist will be created. The amount of concentration required to keep the past selves in the present increases as the number summoned increases.

Example UsageEdit

Bitil summoned nearly fifty of his past selves to fight against Toa Nuva Onua in Swamp of Secrets.


Kanohi Mohtrek In Use

Bitil's past selves, transported via his Mohtrek.






  • Toa wouldn't typically wear this mask because they feel its' power is immoral, as it upsets the timestream.
  • Bitil considered his mask a curse as much as a blessing, as he often found himself with injuries at random times and without any memory of what happened, due to his being part of future battles.

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