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Turaga Metu
Turaga Sāh
Mask Dark Green Amplified Kanohi Kualsi, Mask of Quick Travel
Tools Miasma Axe
Status Presumed Deceased
Pronunciation MEH-too

Toa Metu
Toa Sāh
Title Toa Sāh of Poison
Mask Dark Green Great Kanohi Kualsi, Mask of Quick Travel
Tools Venom Talons

Class Ye-Matoran
Occupation Sentry
Mask Powerless Dark Green Great Kanohi Kualsi, Mask of Quick Travel

Metu was the respected and beloved elder of the Isle of Ouir Nui and a Turaga of Poison.


He-Ţuat Nui

Metu was once a Ye-Matoran Sentry on the Isle of He-Ţuat Nui. He was summoned to the Island City of Metru Nui, along with nine other Matoran.

Metru Nui

Metu was transformed into the Toa Sāh of Poison at the Great Temple.


Toa Metu felt that following Āpep's defeat he was called by the Great Spirit to another dome and he eventually settled on the Isle of Ouir Nui.

The Journal of Vrail

Abilities & Traits

Metu was once the dark and brooding Toa Sāh of Poison. His mastery over this Elemental Power provided him with the ability to easily secrete a sticky slime that was unpleasant to touch and induced nausea on contact. Moderate exposure lead to severe illness in Matoran or Rahi, and prolonged exposure would often prove deadly, even to the mightiest of beings. He could also taint the soil beneath him, preventing plants from being able to grow, or concentrate his toxin further to create corrosion.

Metu eventually relinquished his Toa Power and became a Turaga Sāh.

Mask & Tools

Metu's superior melee skills were greatly augmented by his Venom Talons, which helped to store and deliver his elemental poison, meanwhile he wore a Kanohi Kualsi, Great Mask of Quick Travel, which allowed him to instantly move to any place within his field of vision. He could easily teleport objects with him as well, however he could not transport other beings. Metu could also travel to places seen via a Kanohi Suletu, but the process was very risky.