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Medium Melee Drone

Medium Melee Drone
Class "The Dark Lord" Drone Army Advanced Unit
Powers Speed
Tools Rapier, Blunt Launcher
Status All Destroyed
Pronunciation MEE-dee-uhm MEY-ley DROHN

The Medium Melee Drone was a more advanced basic Drone Unit in "The Dark Lord" Drone Army.


The Medium Melee Drones were fast, agile, and smart basic automatons. Unlike the Standard Unit, they could hold their own against a novice Toa, and they could out compete most Matoran in melee combat. Their prowess with a sword was such that Zeta used to duel them for battle practice, and the Sharaku Veirmoc would utilize them to help sharpen his throwing skills, when Vukaz was unavailable.

Nothing Personal

By 5,399 A.G.C., the bounty hunter Chazok had created the design for a grunt battle automaton, which he simply called "The Drone". This was the first in a long line of automatons that would eventually lead to his friend and partner Iron Knight. The Sharaku Argarak stole the data for all of Chazok's Drone designs from the databanks of "The Inferno", which became the basis for his own army, which "The Dark Lord" planned to use to conquer the Isle of Terra Nui.

The Power Within

One year later, Argarak had pre-fabricated nearly every single Drone of the three types, a fair number of which were the Medium model, prior to landing on the Isle of Terra Nui. Upon reaching land and creating the Sharaku Stronghold, he left it to the Torika to assemble each Drone. At its' peak, the invasion force brought to the Isle of Terra Nui consisted of over ten-thousand Medium Melee Drones. They were all destroyed prior to and during the Battle of Terra Nui. All of the units sent to capture Terra-Koro were lost, and Chazok's bomb destroyed an additional one-third of the army. The Battle of Terra Nui wiped out the last few thousand automatons, and the remains of the Drones were swept out to sea following the collapse of the Coastal Shelf. Ironically, their destroyed wreckage would later become the basis of a beautiful coral reef in the Sharakoro Islets.

Abilities & Traits

The Medium Melee Drones were more powerful and agile than a standard Vahki, and posed quite a problem in groups.


Each Medium Melee Drone carried a rapier and a blunt launcher.



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