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Toa Matoba
Toa Terra
Title Toa Terra of Fire
Mask Orange Great Kanohi Tomaje, Mask of Heat
Tools Torch, Fire Sword
Status Alive
Location Kemet Nui
Pronunciation mah-TOH-bah

Matoran Matoba
Class Ta-Matoran
Occupation Herpetologist
Mask Powerless Orange Great Kanohi Tomaje, Mask of Heat

Matoba was once a Matoran of Fire on the Isle of Terra Nui.


As a skilled Ta-Matoran, Matoba worked near the volcano studying the Acko where he learned to understand their language.

The Power WithinEdit

The Strength UnboundEdit

The Balance RebornEdit

Abilities & TraitsEdit

Matoba is now the strong and muscular leader of the six newest Toa Terra and a Toa of Fire. Matoba is is constantly exercising to maintain his physique and he has also learned to use his mask to quite literally set himself ablaze. Matoba strongly admires Heaka's skills, even though she is unaware of it.

Mask & ToolsEdit

Matoba wears a Kanohi Tomaje, Great Mask of Heat, which allows him to increase the temperature of his body to red hot, by absorbing heat from a nearby source, in order to burn through nets or ice. The mask is limited in that it can only function in one direction, that is to say, it can only increase the temperature of the wearer, not decrease it. He carries a torch and fire sword.



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