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Toa Maruk
Toa Horrakah
Title Toa Horrakah of Jungle
Powers Dehydration, Jungle
Tools Blades, Teeth
Status Alive
Location Marak Nui
Pronunciation mah-ROOK

Name Maruk
Class Bo-Matoran
Occupation Horticulturist
Mask Powerless Blue Great Kanohi Calix, Mask of Fate

Name Unknown
Class Ga-Matoran
Occupation Professional Swimmer
Mask Powerless Trans-Dark Blue Great Kanohi Kaukau, Mask of Water Breathing

Maruk was once a Bo-Matoran from another island who was fused along with a Matoran of Water into the Toa Horrakah of Jungle on the Isle of Marak Nui.


Matoran LivesEdit


Abilities & TraitsEdit

Maruk has the ability to control, create, and absorb plant life, as well as the ability to dehydrate a target and absorb the energy into himself. He is also amphibious and is a very strong swimmer, much faster than a hungry Takea shark. Although he can live on land, he is rather clumsy when it comes to walking.

He is the second-most mutated Toa Horrakah, and looks very-much like a Rahi. Maruk prefers to stalk his prey from beneath the waves, either using his body as a battering ram against boats, or using his control over plant life to cause the aquatic flora to grow to immense sizes and thereby disrupt, disable, or crush any seacraft in the area, particularly those that are too large for him to handle on his own.




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