Kanohi Mahiki
Title Mask of Illusion
Powers Illusions; Disguise
Disk(s) Reconstitutes At Random, Weaken
User(s) Ålku (Formerly),
Ånpu, Aritonu,
Artakika, Eiran (Formerly), Keeto, Levikk, Matau,
Myrkky (Formerly), "Reaper", Rokar,
Sarraw (Limited}, Thylene, Uratii (Formerly)
Pronunciation mah-HEE-kee

The Kanohi Mahiki is the Mask of Illusion. The Great version allows its' user to change their own appearance or to cast illusions. The user can change the way others see them and imitate voices, but cannot copy any powers the original has. The Noble version does not let the user change their appearance. Instead, it only allows them to cast illusions. Kanohi Elda and Kanohi Rode are some masks which will see through its' usage.

On Metru Nui, Kanohi Mahiki are made from Reconstitute At Random and Weaken Kanoka.

Example Usages


LoMN Great Kanohi Mahiki In Use

A Great Kanohi Mahiki in use.




Kopaka Clones

A Noble Kanohi Mahiki in action.



BH Kanohi Mahiki

A Great Kanohi Mahiki in BIONICLE Heroes

Picture Description
Matoran Matau Kanohi A Matoran Kanohi Mahiki in Great form as seen in Legends of Metru Nui.
Set Great Kanohi Mahiki A Great Kanohi Mahiki.
Mahiki Hordika A Great Kanohi Mahiki mutated by Hordika Venom.
MahikiNoble A Noble Kanohi Mahiki


  • The Mahiki's illusions differ from those created by Makuta: Mahiki illusions deceive a target's vision, whereas the Makuta's deceive the mind.
  • Although Matau describes the Mahiki's power as Shapeshifting in BIONICLE 2: Legends of Metru Nui, this is a misconception. The Mahiki does not allow its user to change their physical form, only their appearance.

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