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This article is about the former Matoran turned Toa. You may be looking for the weapon.


Toa Kortec
Toa Xioc
Title Toa Xioc of Ice
Mask Flat Dark Gold Great Kanohi Toltac, Mask of Deep Freeze
Tools Frostbite Blade,
Multi-Fire Kortec Launcher
Status Alive
Location Xioc Nui
Pronunciation KOHR-tehk

Class Ko-Matoran
Occupation Engineer, Inventor
Mask Powerless White Great Kanohi Akaku, Mask of X-Ray Vision

Kortec was once a Ko-Matoran who became the Toa Xioc of Ice on the Isle of Xioc Nui.


Treachery in the Ice

Jungle Voyage

Abilities & Traits

Mask & Tools



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