Kora Nui

Kora Nui
Location Info
Residents Matoran, Various Rahi
Population Unknown
Position Northern Zerox Nui
Pronunciation KOAR-uh NOO-ee

The Isle of Kora Nui is a secondary landmass located within the Dome of Zerox Nui.


Chronicles of Kora Nui



Kora Nui is dominated by six major regions. The largest region was Ta-Wahi, which sported a large dormant volcano called Mount Magmar, in which Ta-Koro was located. South was the frozen high desert of Ko-Wahi, which contained Ko-Koro, and to the east was the desert Po-Wahi and the village of Stone, Po-Koro. The northernmost section of the island was Le-Wahi, where the Le-Matoran built villages on the treetops. To the west was Ga-Wahi, where Ga-Koro was built.

It is believed that in the early days of the Matoran Universe, Zerox Nui, Kora Nui, and the surrounding islets were the same land mass. This is signified by the interlocking shapes of the coasts on each of the islands, however there is no other evidence to support this theory.




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