"The Kohrak, with their icy blasts..."
Vakama, The Bohrok Awake

Comic Kohrak
Class Bohrok of Ice
Tools Ice Shields, Krana
Status Dormant
Location Bohrok Nests
Pronunciation KOH-rahk

Kohrak are the Bohrok swarm of Ice.


Toa Mata Kopaka Against Bohrok Kohrak

Toa Mata Kopaka with a disabled Kohrak's Krana.

Kohrak are created when Av-Matoran fulfill their Destiny and transform into mechanical insectoids. They are then transported to Bohrok Nests to await the signal to cleanse the island camouflage of the Great Spirit Mata Nui. They are aided by the Bohrok Va Kohrak Va.

The Tahnok swarms beneath the Isle of Mata Nui were awakened by Makuta Teridax, upon his defeat by the Toa Mata. Almost immediately swarms of Kohrak and Pahrak assaulted Ta-Koro before being confronted by the Toa. The Kohrak were able to temporarily defeat the heroes, until two of their number managed to create a large storm, driving the swarms off.

The Kohrak, along with the other swarms, continued their attempts to cleanse Mata Nui, combating all obstacles in their way. When the Bahrag were defeated and captured by the Toa, the Kohrak were rendered immobile, with no direction. The Matoran then reprogrammed them to help fix the destruction they caused, which they continued to do until they received a signal to return to their nests by the Bahrag.

When the Bahrag were released by the Toa Nuva, the Kohrak swarms awoke and contributed to cleanse the Isle of Mata Nui. They have since returned to their nest.

Animation Kohrak

Three Kohrak in Kopaka's Toa Nuva Promo Animation.

Abilities & TraitsEdit

Kohrak consider themselves invincible and are dismissive of danger. Thus, they have no regard for their own safety. They will carry on working until they have no choice but to react. However, they have one weakness: they always confront one on one, rather than as a unified force, forcing them to rely on their formidable individual skills.


Kohrak use their Ice Shields to channel their powers.



The Kohrak as a Set.

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