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"I pay you with every moment that I restrain myself from activating my mask."
Artorius to Terraius, Stealing

Title Mask of Confusion
Powers Mental Distortion
User(s) Artorius
Pronunciation key-MAHR-oo

The Kanohi Keemaru is the Great Mask of Confusion.


Only one Kanohi Keemaru has ever existed in the Matoran Universe, and belongs to the Makuta Artorius.

The Kanohi Keemaru was created in an experiment, led by Makuta Artorius, designed to create a mask that would wipe a target's subconscious mind completely. While the initial concept never came to fruition, the resulting mold was found to be quite powerful. Thus, to prevent others from creating a second Kanohi Keemaru, Artorius stole the prototype and killed everyone on the research team who had helped to create it.


A powerful but rare mask, the Kanohi Keemaru allows its' user to temporarily distort a target's sense of time and place, effectively erasing their short-term memories, and opening them up to the false memory suggestions of the user.

Example UsageEdit

Makuta Artorius used his Great Kanohi Keemaru to "force" Makuta Terraius to attack a trade settlement on the Isle of Fennal Nui in Stealing.



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