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Toa Karak
Toa Horrakah
Title Toa Horrakah of Electricity
Powers Electricity,
Heat Resistance, Sonics, Strength
Tools Axe
Status Alive
Location Marak Nui
Pronunciation KAH-rahk

Name Karak
Class Ta-Matoran
Occupation Lava Surfer
Mask Powerless Dark Red Noble Kanohi Kakama, Mask of Speed

Name Unknown
Class De-Matoran
Occupation Miner
Mask Powerless Dark Gray Noble Kanohi Komau, Mask of Mind Control

Name Unknown
Class Ho-Matoran
Occupation Smuggler
Mask Powerless Dark Red Noble Kanohi Hau, Mask of Shielding

Karak was once a Matoran of Fire from another island who was fused along with a De-Matoran and a Ho-Matoran into the Toa Horrakah of Electricity on the Isle of Marak Nui.


Matoran LivesEdit


Abilities & TraitsEdit

Karak possesses the ability to control the elements of both Electricity and Sonics, but not Fire, even though he began his life as a Ta-Matoran. He is also completely immune to high temperatures and can withstand the heat of molten rock and the like with only minor discomfort. Somehow Xarkhan was able to melt down a Kanohi Pakari and fuse the melted substance with Karak's essence, and so he has a large reserve of incredible strength, yet he does not need to concentrate to receive this extra boost. Due to this, he is physically the strongest of the Toa Horrakah and can easily snap an average Toa in half with just his hands.

Karak is the most ill-tempered of the Toa Horrakah as well, and he hardly ever thinks anything through. Instead of giving threats, Karak never allows his enemies time to defend themselves, nor do the often even have time to speak. It is unknown if his temper is linked to his "creation" or if it is a personality trait that was shared with one ore more of the three Matoran that comprise Karak.




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