"The desert landscape passed in a yellowish blur, all details obscured by the Toa's immense speed.
After a moment, the yellowish blur shifted into a brown one punctuated by flashes of green,
and then quickly grew paler again until all Pohatu could see around him was white.
— Narrator, Tale of the Toa

Title Mask of Speed
Powers Enhances User's Speed
Disk(s) Random Reconstitution, Teleport
User(s) Arvane, Désara (Formerly), Gerat, Haruko, Kohilå, Lavion, Makål, Ninda, Pohatu (Formerly), Ronna, Ramou (Formerly), Ruka, Sewin (Formerly), Shem-shu, Tahren, Toren, Xinlo (Formerly), Ukhikh, Utora (Formerly), Wenkom (Formerly)
Pronunciation kah-KAHM-mah

The Kanohi Kakama is the Mask of Speed. It allows its' user to move and run at incredible speeds, far faster than the eye can follow.

On Metru Nui, Kanohi Kakama are made from a combination of Teleport and Reconstitute at Random Kanoka.

Example UsageEdit

MNOG Kakama In Use

A Kanohi Kakama in use.

Pohatu tested his Kanohi Great Kakama by running from Po-Koro to Ko-Wahi in under one minute during Tale of the Toa.







Picture Description
Kanohi Kakama - Small A Great Kanohi Kakama
Photok's Kanohi A Noble Kanohi Kakama


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