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Title Toa of Iron
Mask Metallic Silver Great Kanohi Pakari, Mask of Strength
Tools S.C.A.R.E.D. Rifle,
Bolt Launcher, Shield
Status Alive
Location La Nui
Pronunciation igh-roh-KOH-uh

Class Fe-Matoran
Occupation Crafter
Mask Powerless Metallic Silver Great Kanohi Pakari, Mask of Strength

Irokoa is a lone Toa of Iron on the Isle of La Nui who serves as a Lieutenant in the La Nui Military.


The OutbreakEdit

At the beginning of the the outbreak, Irokoa was still a Fe-Matoran. Irokoa arrived just as a pack of Undead Matoran were swarming the coastal village of Hi-Lauka and its' Matoran population. When he arrived he was leading his entire company into battle, to try and hold off the inevitable.

Abilities & TraitsEdit

Irokoa exhibits several abilities from his service in the La-Nui Military. For instance, when he fought in the Iron War, he learned how to make a camp site and forage for supplies with almost no equipment.

Mask & ToolsEdit

Now that he is a Toa, Irokoa can control the Element of Iron, and channel it through his Iron Bolt Launcher. Most notably, Irokoa is a skilled craftsman, and before he became a Military Officer, he worked in a forge. The helmet he wears over his battered Kanohi Pakari was crafted in those days.




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