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Toa Hytrax
Title Toa Hytrax of Lightning
Mask Dark Blue Great Kanohi Qemhu, Mask of Plant Control
Tools "Storm"
Status Deceased
Pronunciation ih-NAH-kuh

Class Hi-Matoran
Occupation Unknown
Mask Powerless Dark Blue Great Kanohi Qemhu, Mask of Plant Control

Inaka was the Toa Hytrax of Lightning.


Matoran Life

Toa Life

Toa Sirof found Inaka after she had been impaled on her own staff. He immediately informed the other Toa Hytrax, who were just welcoming Luwaro into their ranks at the time. This was later revealed to be Tamek's handiwork, as a result of her having discovered his plans, combined with the fact that he had gone completely insane.

Abilities & Traits

Mask & Tools

Inaka wielded a three-bladed staff that she had nicknamed "Storm".



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