"It is sad to think that so many beings refuse to abide by their agreements and attempt to withhold pay,
forcing me to use the Hordika Dragons to get it.
"The Shadowed One", Dark Hunters
Hordika Dragons

Dark Hunter Hordika Dragons
Dark Hunter
Powers Enhanced Speed, Strength, & Tracking Senses, Limited Electricity
Tools Claws
Status Alive
Location Spherus Magna
Pronunciation hoar-DEE-kah DRAG-uhns

The eight Hordika Dragons are very specialized Dark Hunters.


Some time ago, a group of Visorak stumbled upon Odina. They were captured and had their Hordika Venom analyzed. "The Shadowed One" later tested the venom's properties on eight of his Dark Hunters, mutating them into the beings known as the Hordika Dragons.

"The Shadowed One" uses the Hordika Dragons to force his clients to abide by their deals, if for some reason they attempt to withhold pay.

They are currently active, but their Hordika sides may soon take over.

When the Matoran Universe was rendered uninhabitable upon Teridax's death, the Hordika Dragons left it for Spherus Magna along with the other inhabitants of the Great Spirit Robot.

Abilities & TraitsEdit

Apart from their enhanced strength, speed, and tracking senses, the Hordika Dragons also have a natural electric current flowing through their claws, which can be controlled at will. As a result of exposure to Hordika Venom, the dragons have a very Rahi-like nature.


  • The Hordika Dragons were created by Austin Stoeffler, for the LEGO Magazine Dark Hunter Building Contest, and were given a storyline role and place in the book BIONICLE: Dark Hunters, by Greg Farshtey.


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