"Immediately, a strange feeling overwhelmed him.
As if a cushion of strength had settled in around him, protecting him from all harm.
— Narrator, Tale of the Toa

Hau Tahu
Title Mask of Shielding
Powers Protects From Known Physical Attacks
Disk(s) Growth, Regeneration
User(s) Amnesti, Arvane (Formerly),
Avira (Formerly), Ilos, Kered, Jerrow,
Justac (Formerly),
Lhikan (Formerly), Kohu, Makar, Narmok, Niru,
Oba (Formerly),
Quoff (Formerly),
Sutekh, Tahu,
Tala (Formerly), Taraki, Tardol (Formerly),
"The Guardian",
Ucen (Formerly),
Voraka (Formerly), Xelovekk, Vernes (Formerly)
Pronunciation HOW

The Kanohi Hau is the Mask of Shielding. It allows its' user to protect themselves from any physical attack they are aware of by throwing up a force shield. The only difference between the Great and Noble versions is that the Great version forms a stronger and longer-lasting shield than the Noble one.

Kanohi Hau are made from Growth and Regeneration Kanoka on Metru Nui.

Lhikan's Hau

A very famous Kanohi Hau is Lhikan's. It was worn by the Toa for an unknown amount of time, and was transformed into its' Noble version when he became a Turaga. Before he died, he entrusted it to Vakama, who later gave the mask to Jaller on Mata Nui after Jaller's Noble Kanohi Komau broke. Jaller then wore it for over 1,000 years, until Karzahni forced him to exchange it for a seemingly Powerless Great Calix. Shortly afterward, while battling Makuta Icarax, Gali Nuva unleashed a Nova Blast, destroying Karzahni and bringing the mask afloat. Tahu then retrieved it. It was then left on Daxia by the Toa Nuva. Its' status after the island's destruction is unknown.

Example Usage

Hau Onua Use

A Great Kanohi Hau in action.







Hau Brick

The green, promotional Kanohi Hau.

Picture Description
Hau Tahu The Artakhan Version of the Great Kanohi Hau
Hau Infected An Infected Kanohi Hau
Hau Lhikan Lhikan's Stylized Variant of the Great Kanohi Hau
Hau Lhikan Noble Lhikan's Stylized Variant of the Noble Kanohi Hau
Hau Gold

The 14-karat solid gold Kanohi Hau.


  • The Kanohi Hau is the symbol of the Great Spirit Mata Nui, as their functions are the same: to protect.
  • The Coliseum's gate is in the shape of Lhikan's Great Kanohi Hau.
  • An enormous Kanohi Hau is located on the Isle of Artakha.
  • In the Toa Empire Alternate Universe, Teridax wears a Kanohi Hau which appears infected since his Kanohi Kraahkan had been taken from him.

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